Borkum Yachthafen Port Henry

Marina near Borkum (Borkum Reede)

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53° 33’ 33.1” N


6° 44’ 33.7” E


Borkum is the westernmost and largest of the East Frisian Islands. The port in the south of the island is around 6 km from the town center, which is a popular tourist destination on Borkum.

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Borkum is easy to approach even in unfavorable wind and weather conditions. Access to the harbor is via the deep fairway of the Ranzelgat along the mouth of the Ems. South of the illuminated three-legged beacon, you enter the "Fischerbalje", which is buoyed on both sides. To the north of the fairway is a breakwater, which is flooded at high tide and offers immediate protection in the fairway.
After passing the red buoy "F10", turn to port into the marina. The entrance is narrow, unlit and has a water depth of 0.9 m at LAT.


The biggest problem with the marina is the shallow water depth and the narrowness of the unlit approach. The floating jetties are a little run-down, but there is electricity and water. The eastern jetty is intended for boats over 10 m in length and is used for mooring alongside. The berths on the right-hand side of the central jetties are equipped with finger arms. The western jetty is used by local boats.


There are three restaurants right on the harbor with good views. There is a washing machine in the restaurant at Port Henry

There is also a bunker station for diesel (at the larger Osthafen) or bread rolls from the harbour master, but otherwise there are no supply options directly at the harbour.

However, there is a bus and train connection to the town of Borkum, 6 km away, or you can also hire bicycles from the harbour master. You will find very good supply options in the otherwise very turbulent town.

Marina Information

Max Depth 2.2 m


Phone +49 4922 7773






Washing machine







Public Transport




ralf.cuber, Magic Moments
Restaurant okay, der Rest eine Zumutung. Es gibt keine Bunkerstation im Yachthafen, sondern im Marinehafen nebenan. Sportboote werden aber nicht über einen Schlauch betankt, sondern über 20-l-Kanister, an der Spundwand liegend. Alternativ bekommt man eine Handkarre und zerrt 100 Liter zu Fuß zum Port Henry! Katastrophe! Borkum ist kein Ziel mehr für uns - wegen des Hafens!
17.09.2021 08:49
Dries completely. Poorly maintained. Insufficient power outlets. Overpriced.
23.08.2021 09:13
Edzard Gerhard, PHAETON
05.05.2021 08:27
Ingo KausW, Irrbold
29.07.2020 09:46
A, Kanoet
Badly maintained harbour
23.07.2020 16:32
20.06.2020 21:18

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