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The BoatView Harbor Guide offers you fantastic features for your maritime travel planning. Start planning your journey on the BoatView website and let yourself be inspired by the top categories, daily updates from the BoatView community, and use the available current nautical charts to aid in your voyage preparations.

SeaMe becomes BoatView - the popular harbor guide is not only getting a new name!
With BoatView, set course for adventure - the popular harbor guide with a new name and compelling features is now an integral part of the NV Charts App, making your journey unforgettable. The new community functions within BoatView Social also allow you to share routes with others or quickly import shared routes and start navigation directly.

Enjoy all the features and benefits of BoatView best in the NV Charts App.
In the app, you not only discover exciting new destinations and Points of Interest (POIs), but can also easily plan, start and discover even more POIs along your route. You will be supported by the easy and intuitive use of BoatView within the app or features like Augmented Reality (AR). Here, you have the opportunity to display POIs in real-time within the app via the camera of your mobile device. Learn more here.

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  • by Meisnerkevinmichael // 17.06.24
    17.06.24, technische Probleme, die DB braucht mindestens 1 Stunden Vorlauf für eine Brückenöffnung, es muss jedesmal ein externer Techniker gerufen werden.
  • by Holger, Mia // 16.06.24
    Die 6 Windräder sind sehr nahe am Hafen. Dementsprechend sehr hohe Laufgeräusche. Hafeninfrastruktur ok.
  • by Marek, Digger // 16.06.24
    Mit 1,22 Tiefgang am 15.06 noch gerade eben reingekommen
  • by M.D., FUNYA III // 16.06.24
    Skønt havn med mange pladser, dybte passer præcis, rolig, fint natur, facilitis alt ny
  • by Rolf Weinert, Sky Blue // 16.06.24
    This small island is worth a visit. The island has an interesting history. You will receive a friendly welcome and if you wish you you can also get a comprehensive tour. The port fees are moderate. Sanitary facilities and showers are in good condition. The port entrance is very narrow. There is a nature reserve and some shallows in the immediate vicinity. Studying the nautical charts is a good idea.
  • by Martyn Oates , Edith Gray // 16.06.24
    Excellent facilities pleasant spot, fuel super expensive though at 2.25 euros per liter for non bio diesel.
  • by Andreas.harbarth // 16.06.24
    Zur Zeit zweistündliche Öffnung…von Süd kommend 10:15 Uhr, 12:15 Uhr
  • by Andreas Neumann, Relax // 15.06.24
    Klasse! Und sehr toller Hafenmeister
  • by Matthias Panten, Sahenida // 15.06.24
    Kleiner Hafen mit wenig Infrastruktur. Bei starken Westwinden starker Schwell. Die Wellen laufen durch die Hafenfahrt in den Hafen und werden von der Landseite reflektiert. Das Festmachen längseits an der Hafenmole ist dann kritisch, da die Mole deutlich über Deckshöhe liegt und die Festmacher über die Molenkante schamfilen. Ruckfender und Schutz vor Schamfilen ist notwendig.

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