West Friesian Islands

Harbour Guide

Description of this region

Explore all harbours, marinas and anchorages along the West Frisian Islands of the Netherlands. Tidal currents and water levels must of course be taken into special consideration and are comfortably and simply displayed in the NV Charts nautical charts and the NV Charts App, as is the current buoyage situation and all updates for the region.

Borkum Burkana Schutzhafen
Marina near Borkum (Borkum Reede)
Borkum Yachthafen Port Henry
Marina near Borkum (Borkum Reede)
Jonker Watersport
Marine Equipment near Terschelling (West-Terschelling)
Waddenhaven Texel
Marina near Texel (Oudeschild)
Lockgate near Súdwest-Fryslân
Vlieland - Oost-Vlieland Harbour
Marina near Vlieland
Jachthaven Marina Makkum
Marina near Súdwest-Fryslân (Makkum)
Korwerderzand binnen
Anchor near Kornwerderzand
Fuelstation near Harlingen
Lockgate near Hollands Kroon (Den Oever)
Marina near Terschelling (West-Terschelling)
Nieuwe Willemshaven
Marina near Harlingen
Vlieland - Fuel
Van Meer Scheepswinkel
Marine Equipment near Harlingen
Jachthaven H.w.s.v
Marina near Harlingen
Borkum - Tankstelle Frank Weber
Fuelstation near Borkum (Borkum Reede)
Marina Den Oever
Marina near Hollands Kroon (Wieringerwerf)
Zeesluis Farmsum
Lockgate near Delfzijl
brug in de A7(b) Kornwerderzand
Bridge near Súdwest-Fryslân
Den Oever Waddenhaven
Marina near Hollands Kroon (Den Oever)
Terschelling - Fuel
Fuelstation near West-Terschelling
Den Helder - Willemsoord Marina
Marina near Den Helder
Restaurant Diekgat
Restaurant near Eemshaven
Fuel Texel
Fuelstation near Oudeschild
Lockgate near Het Hogeland (Lauwersoog)
Dieptestaat - Boontjes
Navinfo near Harlingen
Prins van Oranje Makkum
Marina near Súdwest-Fryslân (Makkum)
Marina near Ameland (Nes)
Borkum - Inselbäckerei Nabrotzky GmbH
Grocery near Borkum (Borkum Reede)
Watersportvereniging Makkum
Marina near Súdwest-Fryslân (Makkum)
Den Oever, brug in A-7 (b)
Bridge near Hollands Kroon (Den Oever)
Sasbrug Harlingen
Bridge near Harlingen
Dock 7 - Die Hafenkantine
Restaurant near Borkum (Borkum Reede)
brug in de A7 Kornwerderzand
Bridge near Súdwest-Fryslân
Dieptestaat - Schuitengat
Navinfo near West-Terschelling
marina Noordergat
Marina near Het Hogeland (Lauwersoog)
Gemeentelijke Jachthaven Makkum
Marina near Súdwest-Fryslân (Makkum)
Marina near Het Hogeland (Lauwersoog)
Havenbrug - Harlingen
Bridge near Harlingen
Bridge near Harlingen (Midlum)
Marina near Súdwest-Fryslân (Makkum)