Marina near Juist (Domäne Loog)

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53° 40’ 19.9” N


6° 59’ 53.5” E


The island of Juist Is an old, tranquil seaside resort. The island harbor is shared by the municipal harbor in the west (for ferries and island suppliers) and in the east the modern marina of the sailing club Juist.

NV Cruising Guide


Coming from the east, the approach is via the designated Memmert mudflat fairway or from the west via the buoyed Osterems and the deep fairway Memmertbalj.
From the buoy M10/J2 begins the Juister mudflat fairway whereby it should be noted that if you come from the east, the buoyage direction changes here.
The largest part of the Juister mudflat fairway falls dry, is very narrow and very variable. West of the access to the Juist harbor is a guide dam of stones; this runs in north-south direction and is at high tide about 0.5m overwashed. The access channel lies to the east of the dam. The top signs must be followed. The red post (with beacon)  marks the end of the guide dam. The access channel itself is very narrow. One should avoid oncoming ferries or supply vessels and, if necessary, wait until they have passed the access channel. If in doubt, you can contact the ships via VHF. These are usually accessible on channel 73.
In summer, the side water "Nordland" and the Juister Balje is also further west beprickt, but these should not be used by unfamiliar.


Gastlieger find sufficient berths, to water depth max 1.5m, in the modern boat harbor of the sailing club Juist. The marina falls dry, as does most of the rest of the harbor.
Larger yachts can also find, by arrangement, a berth at the southern end of the W quay of the ferry dock. The loading point for the island garbage must remain free, here also a crane runway protrudes over the berth.


Very pleasant is also the convenient location of the SKJ port. There is no other island port from where they have such short distances: Only five minutes walk to the main bathing beach, even faster they are in the center of town, where you can find numerous restaurants, cafes, pubs and also food. Bicycles can also be rented here for further island exploration. On the car-free island you can't bunker fuel.

Marina Information

Max Depth 1.5 m


Phone +49 4935921188
Email Please enable Javascript to read
Website https://www.segelklub-juist.de/













Public Transport




NV Charts Team
vielen Dank für den Hinweis, das Hafenlayout wird natürlich geändert.
30.08.2022 12:54
Christoph Pahlitzsch , Stella Maris
Tipp: ca. 1 Std vor HW in den Hafen und direkt quer über die Inseln zum Badestrand, ein Traum (bei passendem Wetter)
20.08.2022 21:26
Christoph Pahlitzsch , Stella Maris
Moin, das Layout des Hafens stimmt im aktuellen Plan leider nicht. Die Stege sind um 90 Grad gedreht.
15.08.2022 19:03
Peter, Tinkerbell
17.06.2022 11:23
h.wessing, Laetitia
Sehr freundliche Hafenmeisterin. Hafen fällt trocken ist aber eigentlich kein Problem. Unser Schiff hat 1,35 Mtr. Tiefgang. Alles wesentliche gibt es in unmittelbarer Nähe.
12.07.2021 18:01
Auto, Strandkorb
31.07.2020 16:06

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