Marina near Præsteskov

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55° 22’ 11.5” N


12° 24’ 55.8” E


Small fishing and boating harbour in wooded surroundings on the southern shore of Køge Bay.

NV Cruising Guide


The approach to the buoyed and lighted harbour is possible day and night. In the leading light of 221° (2 F.R) one keeps clear of the numerous set nets, which here (as everywhere on the coasts of Køge Bay) extend far out to sea.


Clear guest moorings with the harbour master. The harbour is 1 - 2m deep  and tends to silting up. The fishing bridge should not be used by pleasure craft.


Sanitary facilities are available and there is a bunker station. Apart from a small kiosk, you will not find any supply facilities here.

NV Land Guide

Bøgeskov is a harbour surrounded by only a few houses on the edge of Magleby forest. The secluded area is especially suitable for walks. If you cross the beautiful forest, you will come across a small forest lake, Møllesø, two kilometres west of the harbour. When you return from your walk, we recommend that you have a bite to eat at the restaurant by the harbour (with a view of the sea). There is also a snack bar in the immediate vicinity.

Southeast of the harbour are the limestone cliffs of Stevs Klint (see also Rødvig). A small bathing beach is located in the immediate vicinity of the moorings. If you want to stock up on provisions, you have to go to the village of Holtug, three kilometres to the south, or better still to Store Heddinge (six kilometres to the south). Gjorslev Castle with its massive tower, five kilometres west of Bøgeskov, was originally a fortress. The embrasures can still be seen on the upper floors. The castle's park may be entered from the south through a signposted entrance gate.

A further four kilometres west is the "Sterns Terrarium" at Klippinge, where it is permitted to pet a four-metre-long tiger python (if it is full). Crocodiles, lizards, iguanas, newts, turtles, and many other reptiles are to be seen.

Marina Information

Max Depth 2 m


Phone +45 22 53 86 42
Email Please enable Javascript to read
Website http://boegeskovhavn.dk
VHF Channel 72













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