Marina near Spodsbjerg

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54° 55’ 57.9” N


10° 50’ 3.5” E


Modern marina south of the small ferry and fishing port on the east coast of Langeland.

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The approach to the well-lit harbor is unproblematic day and night from the fairway of the Great Belt. You steer with 270° towards the entrance and pay attention to the intermittent north-setting current, which, however, is mostly weakened in the entrance itself.


Guests will find free places in the marina at about 3m water depth. The ferry port is closed to pleasure craft and the fishing port is reserved for fishermen. In the narrow outer harbor, watch out for incoming and outgoing yachts and fishing boats.


200m south of the harbor there is a small supermarket and gas station since 2023. Milk and rolls can also be obtained at the campsite. 

The modern marina together with the fishing port offers excellent service facilities. There is a ferry connection to Lolland.

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As the only port on the east coast of Langeland, Spodsbjerg offers itself as a stage port for pleasure craft sailing in the Great Belt. Surrounded by a few houses, the fishing and yacht harbor is not even that uncomfortable on its own, but the ferry port next door creates a bit of a disturbance. From here, passenger ships depart hourly to Tårs on Lolland. 

Several campsites and a summer cottage area near Spodsbjerg can do nothing to the charming scenic surroundings. The port is also popular with sport fishermen, who go from here with small boats on catch. A positive feature is the child-friendly beach.

Like Lohals, Spodsbjerg was a pirate port in the Middle Ages that had to compete against the monopoly port of Rudkøbing. Merchants and farmers could export more cheaply through these ports than through those with the royal trade monopoly.

The village of Spodsbjerg itself offers no sights, unless you consider the station building, built in 1910, to be one. Nevertheless, various hiking routes around the village invite you to stretch your legs in agricultural surroundings.

Three kilometers southwest of Spodsbjerg stands the mill of Nørre Longelse, also called the Adventure Mill, built in 1805. It has been converted into a restaurant by the current owner. It is not to be confused with the mill of Møllegård in the south of Spodsbjerg, which stands on private land.

Whoever is blown in Spodsbjerg, a trip to Rudkøbing, nine kilometers away, is recommended.

Marina Information

Max Depth 2.5 m


Phone +45 4041 3026
Email Please enable Javascript to read
Website http://spodsbjerghavn.dk






Washing machine








Public Transport




Götz Daniel, Ilsebill SVFr Kiel
netter Hafen. Bei der Tankstelle 50m von Hafen aus ist ein Supermarkt, schöner Strand, die Fähre ist ziemlich leise
15.08.2023 22:18
Hartmut Pflughaupt, Ratokker III
Der Lebensmittelladen öffnet dieses Jahr am 24.5.23
23.05.2023 09:17
Patrick , Møpsen
Sehr gepflegt, sehr ruhig, sehr schön. Absolute Idylle, toller Badestrand, einfaches Anlegen und einige Plätze noch frei. Super.
23.08.2022 18:57
Julakali, Sealady
Duschen inkl., Hafen eher verlassen, nur Deutsche zum Campen und Fischen dort bzw. auf dem Weg nach Hause. Schöner Spielplatz, keine Einkaufsmöglichkeiten. Auch am Campingplatz gibt es nur ein Regal mit Milch und eins mit Wein, also gar nicht erst versuchen :)
24.07.2022 14:26
Peter, Antamo
13.06.2022 22:36
Peter, Antamo
13.06.2022 22:36
Peter, Antamo
13.06.2022 22:36
Martina / Martin Teterra, CONZISKA
Angenehme Marina
13.06.2022 16:19
Michael Siek, Trio
Leider ist das Badehotel geschlossen. Hier gab es lange Zeit die beste Scholle östlich von westlich. Die alten Damen haben wohl aufgegeben. Ein polnischer Investor soll hier 2021 wieder eröffnen.
15.08.2020 08:06
Tobias Spitzmüller, Next Voyager
Duschen nur mit 5kr Stücken, zur Zeit kein Supermarkt
06.08.2020 09:06

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