Marina near Neuenkirchen

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54° 33’ 3.7” N


13° 21’ 8.9” E


Small quiet jetty in the south of the Lebbiner Bodden (without plan). 2 guest berths. Only for ships with little draught. 

NV Cruising Guide


The approach is only possible for those unfamiliar with the area during the day and by means of echo sounding. In the fairway to the Great Jasmund Bodden you steer from the buoy pair JB47/L2 JB48 with 215° into the interior of the Bodden so that the pile traps set up on the eastern shore  are passed closely.


The jetty offers 2 guest berths,  water depths of 1.2 - 1.4m. (Depending on water level also less). Max width 2.9m


Sanitary facilities (WC) are available. Supply possibilities are in the 2km distant Neuenkirchen.

The approach to the south Liddower stream is not possible for those unfamiliar with the area.

NV Land Guide

Grubnow is one of those dreamy moorings where sailors with shallow-going boats can thumb their noses at the sports boats with their too-large and deep-going "bowls". Surrounded by reeds there is only a small thatched house. Loneliness and peace are guaranteed. And the natural beauty of the surroundings has not a single flaw. The view of the wooded peninsula of Liddow to the east is no less picturesque than the location of the village of Neuenkirchen by the hill to the southwest.

Whoever sets off from the jetty at Grubnow on the way to Neuenkirchen passes a few scattered houses on a sandy road.

After just over a kilometre, you come across the road to Neuenkirchen and after a further 500 metres to the south of it, you come to a viewpoint by the old fieldstone chapel. The cosy village is to the west, an allotment settlement to the north of the hill.

For walks, several circular routes are recommended, one leading to the north-eastern peninsula of Lebbin, another around Lake Tetzitz.

Marina Information

Max Depth 1.4 m
Berth Width 2.9 m
Berth Length 9 m


Phone +49 38305 441
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