Groß Zicker

Marina near Mönchgut

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54° 17’ 35.9” N


13° 41’ 34.2” E


Small jetty for fishermen in the north of the Zicker lake.

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The approach is only possible during the day. It takes place from the Thiessow fairway from buoy T8 with 333° directly to the jetty.


The small jetty serves local fishermen as a mooring and has two guest berths at 1 m water depth.

The access road is very weedy.


Sanitary facilities are not available. Several restaurants as well as a small grocery store are located in the center of the village, which is located northwest of the jetty.

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Groß Zicker has adapted to tourism, a large part of the houses serve as holiday apartments. And the tourists come here for the Baltic Sea beach.

At a respectful distance from Lake Zicker, the houses of the old, picturesque village line the long, cobblestone village street. Already more than 800 years ago, the water yarn was spun and the nets for fishing were knotted in the reed-covered houses. Farming was a laborious undertaking on the sandy soils of the Mönchgut hills. Only the own grain demand could be covered. The only change from the sandy land was a few peaty lowlands.

Almost everything revolved around fish and the mattgeld. This was the name given to the levy paid to the landlord for fishing rights. In old writings, the herrings intended for this levy are called mat herrings. Depending on the agreement, it was also possible to pay the lords in kind, for example for spun or woven goods. The monks of the Greifswald monastery of Eldena, who acquired the land from the princes of Putbus around 1290, devoted themselves intensively to the preservation of the fish. They supplied the cured Lenten food as far away as central Germany.

The parish widows' house at Groß Zicker was one of the first social institutions for the widows of deceased parish priests. The squat thatched house, painted blue and standing next to fruit trees, gives an idea of the former fishermen's cottages in Groß Zicker. The vegetable garden was cultivated by the church staff (often the new pastor) for the pastor's widows. The church also took care of the livestock. If you walk along the village street in a westerly direction, you will discover the old, unmistakable building on the right-hand side of the street.Today it is a museum.

The two-storey house with the thatched roof pulled way down without a chimney is one of the formerly characteristic house types on Rügen. The smoke went out through an opening in the ridge, where the swathes preserved the harvest and smoked the fish. The house type of the day labourers and beaders was also called a sugar loaf, a name that came from the coveted cane sugar pressed into the shape of a hat.

The road eventually turns into a path that leads to the nature reserve "Zickersches Höft", the curved steep bank west of the village. From a height of 30 m, the steep bank drops to a few metres in some places, thus offering a particularly varied landscape, which is a popular object of study for naturalists due to its development, which has not been influenced by man. Here boulders alternate with sandy areas and a small cliff edge dune has been created by the wind drifting over the cliff edge of the steep coast. The updraft carries the sand with it, which is then left in the lee behind the edge.

On the beach in front of the cliff, two large glacial till boulders are particularly eye-catching. But far more famous is the "Breitenstein". The granite colossus on the hiking trail halfway between Groß Zicker and Gager, also known as the Hexenstein by the locals, is a worthwhile excursion destination mainly because of the view from the heather-covered mountains.

The entire southeastern tip of Rügen can be seen from the stone, which measures around 20 cubic metres and protrudes only slightly from the mountainous heath landscape. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Usedom, Ruden and the Greifswald Oie.

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