Klein Zicker

Marina near Mönchgut

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54° 17’ 0.5” N


13° 41’ 46.7” E


Small jetty for local fishing boats on the south-western shore of Lake Zicker.

NV Cruising Guide


With keel yachts up to max. 1.5m draught, the approach to Klein Zicker is only possible during the day. From the Thiessow fairway you steer with 260° towards the well visible jetty.


The two jetties serve local fishermen as jetties. Sports boats should avoid them as far as possible or only use them for short stays. Either moor at the head of the north jetty or moor alongside the fishing boats. The water depth is 1.2 - 2.5m.


Sanitary facilities are not available. There is a bakery and a restaurant in the village.

NV Land Guide

The small village on the hill and above the steep coast is no less charming than Groß Zicker on the north side of Lake Zicker, which can be easily seen from the wooded hill at the harbour. The view all the way to Usedom from the nearby cliffs is also worth the walk if the visibility is good. First you walk along the village street through the village, past thatched houses with pretty front gardens.

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