Ruden - Hafen

Marina near Kröslin

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54° 12’ 14.4” N


13° 46’ 18.5” E


Clear harbor north of the Peenemünde hook in the middle of a nature reserve. The nearby nature reserve requires special care based on the nature conservation ordinance of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. This includes, among other things, a bathing ban around the island.

The harbor, however, may not be approached by pleasure boats, except in emergencies, but is reserved exclusively for passenger boating.

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The approach to the port is possible by day and night. Coming from the east, from buoy 6  the buoyed "Osttiefrinne" should be used.  The buoy Ru2 forms the beginning of the entrance to the port, which is buoyed only on the port side. Coming from the south or west, the buoyed fairways "Loch" and "Tonnenbankrinne" are to be used. 


Yachts can moor on the inside and outside of the east pier. One lies in the harbor on 2.9 to 4.5m water depth.

Caution: on the outside it becomes shallow from the pier bend to the land. 

The harbor entrance is closed by yellow buoys.


Supply and disposal facilities do not exist. 

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Whoever goes to the island of Ruden must stock up on provisions, because there are no supply facilities here. There are only a few buildings at the harbor, including a former barracks. For decades, the island, like its northeastern sister, was used for military purposes. The National People's Army cleared the island after the political turnaround, leaving behind partially devastated buildings. Since 2009, it belongs to the German Federal Foundation for the Environment (DBU) and is managed by the municipality of Kröslin.

The island, which was already included by the National Socialists in the research of the Peenemünde V2 weapons, presents itself largely in good condition. For example, the stone pack that begins at the harbor and protects the entire northern part of the island is in excellent condition. However, the piers in the harbor basin itself are in need of restoration.

The island, which is 2.2 kilometers long and only about 400 meters wide, has a very individual charm. There is a circular hiking trail, although in GDR times no visitors were allowed on the island. The entire long, narrow and flat southern part of the island is a bird breeding area. It is teeming with young gulls during the breeding season. In addition, one can see swans and various species of ducks. Nature seems untouched in many places. Many protected plants grow here, including the sea thistle. Clearings on the shore give a view of the Oie.

The chroniclers claim of the "All Saints' Flood" in 1304 that it was caused by an earthquake and that the island of Ruden separated from Rügen. According to surviving reports, the worst flood of the Middle Ages on January 16, 1362, also severely affected the island of Ruden, but did not bring any more major land changes.

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