Marina near Putbus

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54° 19’ 36.6” N


13° 31’ 45” E


Closed jetty on the northwest coast of the island of Vilm (nature reserve, to be used exclusively as a port of refuge).

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The approach to the jetty is only recommended during the day.


In case of emergency, boats can temporarily moor at the pier. The water depth at the pier is 2.2 - 3.5m. The eastern part of the facility, which is protected to the southwest by a breakwater, is very shallow.


The island of Vilm is a nature reserve. Every day, up to 60 guests are allowed to enter the island under authorized guidance.

Registration with the passenger shipping company or at

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The island's name was synonymous with the lifestyle of the powerful in the overthrown SED state. The former government island was directly subordinate to the Council of Ministers of the GDR, but was mainly used by the Central Committee of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany. The comrades created a small enclave for themselves here, where they could lead a life of luxury, unobserved by the people. State security made sure that no uninvited visitors disturbed them.

The island has since been declared a nature reserve, which has one thing in common with the government island: It cannot be freely entered. You have to sign up to take a guided tour of the island. The excursions start at the port of Lauterbach.

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