Marina near Rørvig

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55° 56’ 36.6” N


11° 46’ 8.4” E


Busy ferry and marina on the western shore of the Isefjord exit

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Accessing the harbor is only recommended during the day for those unfamiliar with the area, but is then not difficult. It can be approached either from the north via the buoyed "Vesterløb" or from the south via the red fairway buoy (WP 626) west of "Avesand". A good landmark is the windmill south of the harbor.


Since the harbor has been expanded to include a basin in the southern part, guest moorers have the chance to get a berth here. There are other mooring options on the eastern bridgehead. However, it is very choppy here in onshore winds. The ferry jetty is closed to pleasure craft.


Clean sanitary facilities, fish shops and several restaurants can be found at the harbor. Shopping facilities can be found in the nearby village

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The port of Rørvig is an idyllic berth for pleasure boaters, who have no problems with the draught of their boat here. Its location at the entrance to the Isefjord can make it an important travel stop if you are forced to break the long sea route between Gilleleje and Odden Havn halfway. And if you don't want to stick your nose back out into the Kattegat due to heavy weather, you can explore the more sheltered Isefjord from Rørvig. The protection of the Skansehage headland, one nautical mile northeast of the harbor, was already appreciated by the Viking fleets. Absalon's fleet is also said to have gathered and armed itself here to fight the Wends.

A smokehouse, a fish store, a "Havnegrillen" and the sailing club building are located on the small harbor apron.

A bus stop is located by the harbor's ferry dock, which is adjacent to one of the typical North Zealand summer house areas. On both sides of the main street of the elongated vacation home settlement are a café, a patisserie, a bakery, a bank and a boutique.

The center of the spacious village can be found one kilometer west of the harbor on the road leading to the harbor. If you continue along the village road for another half a kilometer, you will come to a statue by Johann Saxild depicting an embracing couple that is well worth seeing.

In 1924, the blades of the windmill on the southern edge of the village turned for the last time after 80 years of grinding grain using wind power. Built in 1842 according to the Dutch model, the building was restored in 1976 and can now be visited at certain times.

The large dune areas and the two freshwater lakes "Flyndersø" and "Dybesø" are "sights" on the recommended hike via Nørrewang to the northern tip of Korshage. You can reach them by walking or driving from Korshage on the narrow tarred road to the southwest. The area to the southwest of the two lakes is called Sandflugplantage. The name gives an indication of how the dune wall was created, which is more than 20 meters high in places.

Back at the harbour, you should take a closer look at the quaint restaurant hotel "Lodsoldermands Gården" and devote yourself to the speciality of the house: fish. The inner courtyard of the old half-timbered building is a very cozy place to sit.

Not far from the harbour, about 1.8 km to the northwest, is "Danmarks Midtpunkt". A large boulder with an inscription was placed in 2009 at the point where the calculation of the Kort & Matrikelstyrelsen determined the midpoint without taking Bornholm into account.

Marina Information

Max Depth 3 m


Phone +45 7020 3838
Email Please enable Javascript to read
Website https://www.odsherredhavne.dk













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