Marina near Stavreby Bådehavn

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55° 4’ 45.1” N


12° 8’ 43.3” E


Small boat harbour in the western part of Bøgestrøm.

NV Cruising Guide


As the Bøgestrøm fairway is unlit, those unfamiliar with the area should only approach the harbour during the day. The approach is via the buoyed dredging channel with a target depth of 1.5 m from the southern buoy of the shoal off Stavesnække.


There is hardly any room for guests, so you may have to moor in the front of the boat with a water depth of 1.2m or, after consultation with the harbour master, alongside in the harbour.


Supply facilities in Jungshoved By. Bicycles can be obtained from the harbour master. No sanitary facilities.

The jetty in front of the church at Slotsbakke, approx. 1sm west of Stavreby (0.5m water depth), should only be approached by those familiar with the area.

NV Land Guide

The village of just under 100 inhabitants is located about 600 meters north of the harbor in scenic surroundings. There are no shopping facilities here. If you want to get supplies, you have to drive to the village of Jungshoved, which is about three kilometres northwest of the harbour. For this purpose, the harbour master Arne Henriksen provides a maximum of three bicycles free of charge.

In the immediate vicinity of Jungshoved's church, which is well worth seeing (it is located far from the village about three kilometres west of the harbour), traces of an early medieval castle can still be discovered on an elevation of the "Slotsbakke" promontory. It is said to have been destroyed during the Swedish wars. The castle is mentioned under the name Junxhonaeth in a document from 1231. It is believed that the fortress was built around the year 1000 by the Viking chieftain Joffne. Already 7000 years ago people lived at the foot of the later castle. In the low water in front of the castle elevation, remains of a settlement from around 5000 BC have been found.

The view from the castle elevation alone makes a walk here worthwhile.

A variety of imaginative stories entwine around the Göngehäuptling, a kind of Danish Robin Hood. After fleeing from the Swedes in Göngeland, he made life unsafe for the Swedish soldiers in the Jungshoved and Præstø area (1657-1660).

According to legend, he succeeded several times in luring his adversaries into an ambush. On one occasion, for example, he is said to have fled on foot across the ice from the Swedes. As he had foreseen, his pursuers remained on their horses, broke into the ice and drowned. The lonely church of Jungshoved is one of the few in Denmark with a north tower, because there was no room to the west when a tower was to be added. For historians, the lime paintings of the church, built around 1200, are particularly significant - because of the rare Totentanz motif.

Marina Information

Max Depth 1.5 m


Phone +45 5599 9057







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