Marina near Nyord

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55° 2’ 19.2” N


12° 11’ 36.8” E


Picturesque fishing village with an attractive boat harbour on the southern shore of the island of the same name.

NV Cruising Guide


From the unlit Bøgestrøm fairway, those unfamiliar with the area can only approach the harbour during the day on a north-easterly course. The last 100m are navigated at 10° through the unconcreted access channel, which tends to silting up (target depth 2.2 m).


Mooring places are limited. The best place to moor is alongside the western breakwater at max. 2.2m water depth.


Simple sanitary facilities at the harbour, kiosk and restaurant in the village.

NV Land Guide

The island's small harbour is popular with numerous guest boats during the main holiday season. A visit a little out of season is therefore advisable.

The small village of Nyord consists of a few homesteads and fishermen's cottages, an octagonal church and the old farm "Lollesgaard", where you can not only drink coffee and eat homemade cake, but also find a restaurant. The old shop of Elly Hansen is today only a sight. Basic supplies can be found in a small wooden kiosk "Lillebod" (coming from the harbour, keep left at the church and follow Møllestangsvej to the end) after about 5 min walk.

The cosy atmosphere is hardly disturbed by the few cars that stray here. There is a parking lot for visitors at the entrance to the village. It wasn't until the dam was built to the island that it was possible to get here overland at all. Also worth mentioning is the pretty hillside location of the village.

As unusual as the village itself, so is the landscape around Nyord: only the western part of the island is arable. The eastern side consists of extensive beach meadows, which make up two-thirds of the island's surface. Together with the meadows of Ulvshale on the other side of the causeway, an area of more than 500 hectares is protected here. It is one of the most important shallow water areas in Europe because it lies on a main flight path for migrating waders and marsh birds.

The mute swan, shoveler, avocet, black-tailed godwit, ruff, kestrel, whooper swan, goldeneye, curlew, rough-legged buzzard and many other bird species can be seen here. Although it is forbidden to enter the meadows from 15 March to 15 July, the feathered animals can be easily spotted with binoculars from an observation stand. The observation tower is located on the only road leading to Nyord, a 15-minute walk from the village. The bridge between Nyord and Ulvshale is also a good observation post.

Whoever has walked to this land connection (around 30 minutes) should not stop at Ulvshale forest, as the northern tip of Møn is just as much a nature experience. Small boards along the way provide information about the flora and fauna of the nature reserve, which consists largely of forest, juniper heath and beach meadows. The Ulvshale peninsula was formed mainly from the stones and sand washed out of the chalk cliffs of Møn over time. The sea has carried the washed-out materials along the coast and washed them up as beach walls up to five metres high. The constant supply of sand makes the north coast particularly suitable for bathing. However, if you want to visit the beautiful beach of Fælleskov, you have to walk about five kilometres from the harbour.

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Phone +45 20 89 45 90












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Gerd Finzel, Mactíre
28.04.2022 23:38
Adeeule, Xenia2
Sehr gemütlicher kleiner Hafen, extrem viele und schwer zu erkennende Stellnetze in der Einfahrt.
22.08.2020 14:58

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