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Marina near Petersværft

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54° 58’ 9.1” N


12° 4’ 32.5” E


Rural private investor from Petersgård Estate.

NV Cruising Guide


The approach is directly from the unlit but well buoyed fairway north of Tærø.


At the bridgehead you may find a berth at 2m water depth. The small boat harbour on the west side is used by Petersgård Manor as a loading harbour and may not be entered by pleasure craft.

Anchorage: A sheltered anchorage can be found on the south shore of Tærø Island immediately southwest of Skallehoved at 2.5m. The buoyed fairway to the east of Tærø (2m water depth) leads to it.


There are no utilities and no sanitary facilities at this very nicely situated mooring.

NV Land Guide

Only from mid-June to the end of July are guest yachts allowed to moor here. The head of the bridge, which is about eleven metres wide, offers little space anyway. And there are no supply facilities either. However, the Stensby forest west of the jetty and the Langebæk forest are worth mentioning. In both forests you can find ancient relics, whereby the "Stensby Skov" has, apart from two passage graves, a 60-metre-long Stone Age grave.

The Peterswerft, located in the clearing between the forests, was built around 1780 by the big merchant and shipowner Peter Johannsen. He had ships built here that sailed as far as the Far East.

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