Green Turtle Cay

Marina near Green Turtle Cay

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26° 46’ 41.4” N


77° 39’ 48” W


This is the first settlement from the west that is more than a supply depot to the cruising boater. Green Turtle Cay is an Abacos destination that features beautiful beaches on its Atlantic side. The island is small enough to cover most of it by foot. There is a ferry to Marsh Harbour and you can clear customs. Port of Entry.

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On the Sea of Abaco side of Green Turtle Cay, there is deep water (2 to 3 meters) off all but the northern and southern extremities of the island, where there are shallow and shifting sand bar. The channels into the three basins — White Sound, Black Sound, and Settlement Harbour (New Plymouth) — are all marked. The channels into White Sound and Black Sound carry 1.4 to 1.7 m. Settlement Harbour has a controlling depth of less than 1 meter and should be avoided. Berthing: The marinas on Green Turtle Cay are concentrated in two areas beyond New Plymouth. Black Sound serves the local boating needs and, along with nearby New Plymouth, is where many islanders live. The tourists congregate in White Sound, tucked into the northern part of the cay. In White Sound, dockage and fuel are available at the Green Turtle Club & Marina and the Bluff House Club & Marina. In Black Sound, Abaco Yacht Services, Black Sound Marina, and The Other Shore Club offer dockage to visitors. The Other Shore Club also sells gas and diesel. Services and supplies can be found in both White Sound and Black Sound, but most of the islands commerce is centered in New Plymouth. There are resorts, restaurants, dive centers, fishing guides, groceries, hardware stores, and shops in the settlement. Clear customs in New Plymouth.

The waters west of Green Turtle are grassy-bottomed. Both Cocoa Bay and Bluff Harbour on the north end of the island are good places for shallow-draft vessels to drop a hook in 1.2 m for shelter from easterlies. Stay south of the small islet entering Bluff Harbour. Inside White Sound, there is all-around protection in up to 3.5 meters, but beware of the moorings. Do not pick up any privately marked moorings. Locals discourage anchoring in Black Sound because of a grassy bottom; use a mooring instead. In an easterly, an anchorage can be found near the government dock west of New Plymouth and Settlement Harbour. This anchorage is exposed to west and northwest winds.

Marina Information

Max Depth 1.5 m


Phone +1 242 365 4271
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