Hope Town

Marina near Hope Town

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26° 32’ 18.6” N


76° 2’ 23.2” W


The main settlement on Elbow Cay, Hope Town, is easily recognized by its 120-foot lighthouse, perhaps the most famous landmark in the Bahamas. Clear customs and immigration before coming to Elbow Cay, as these services are not available here. The beautiful beach, protected by an extensive offshore reef, is just one of the charms that draws visitors to Elbow Cay. A ferry runs from here to Marsh Harbour.

NV Cruising Guide


The control depth on the approach to Hope Town is 1.7 m; boats pulling more than that should adjust the approach for high water. Head north past Parrot Cays, located west of Elbow Cay and the entrance to Hope Town. The red and white lighthouse is a landmark. After you pass Parrot Cays, boats less than 5 feet long can head for Eagle Rock, which is marked by a yellow house and satellite dish. If you head for a point south of the lighthouse, you will find about 1.7 meters of water on the course indicated in the plan. When you reach the entrance outside Eagle Rock and you can see the concrete road ashore, head for it on a bearing of 141° true. Two white range posts with red triangles at the end of the road also mark a range on approach. Turn to starboard into the center of the port opening. The channel is well marked by numerous red and green bullets. Mooring: There are three facilities in Hope Town: the Hope Town Hideaways Marina, Club Soleil Resort's Hope Town Marina, and the Lighthouse Marina, which sells gasoline and diesel and has a marine store. Ashore, there are two grocery stores, a fish market and several boutiques.

The oft-crowded anchorage in Hope Town Harbor offers all-around protection, but it has poor holding. It is better to pick up a mooring (VHF 16) from Club Soleil's Hope Town Marina, Abaco Bahama Charters, or Lucky Strike. Outside Hope Town Harbour, shelter can be had from northeasterly to southerly winds just north of Eagle Rock. The west coast of Elbow Cay provides protection from easterly winds.

Marina Information

Max Depth 1.9 m


Website http://www.hopetownmarina.com/










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