Marina near Villingebæk

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56° 5’ 38.4” N


12° 27’ 29.2” E


Fishing harbour between Helsingør and Gilleleje, converted and expanded into a marina.

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The approach to the fired harbour is possible day and night. It is approached from the north via the buoyed entrance with a nominal depth of 3 m, which however tends to silt up. In stormy onshore winds there is an unpleasant ground sea in front of the harbour entrance, which can make it impossible for yachts to enter or leave the harbour. Cross currents must be expected before entering the harbour.


Guests moor at free places and consult the harbour master. The water depths are 2 - 2.5 m.


In addition to the usual sanitary facilities, there is also a repair service and a ship chandler at the harbour. In the cozy village there are good supply possibilities. There is also a coin-operated laundry.

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The lobsters in the "Fiskhuset" at the harbour and the dune beaches on both sides of the berths are two good reasons to call at this harbour, although nothing has remained of the cosiness of the former fishing harbour. But there are no more space problems since it was converted into a large marina a few years ago.

The bulky hospital at the harbour is certainly no feast for the eyes, but the place still has a number of cosy corners. Unfortunately, the newer buildings that surround the old centre of the town have hardly taken their cue from the historic substance. The modern Hornbæk is a tribute to the fast growing tourism, which sometimes exceeds the tolerable limits. Even at the harbour you have to be prepared for special hustle and bustle during the holiday months. On the other hand, tourism has brought with it a whole range of facilities that are also of benefit to pleasure boaters. Pølserbuden, restaurants and all kinds of shopping facilities are among them. For example, just behind the dunes north of the harbour are two highly recommended eateries, "Söstrene Olsen" and "Strandpromenaden". The latter offers an excellent view over dunes and sound.

The atmosphere at the harbour is also determined by "seeing and being seen". "Show me your fancy clothes," is the motto after shopping in one of Hornbæk's boutiques.

If you're not much for that kind of shopping spree and are more interested in cultural things, we recommend a visit to Hornbæk's church, built in 1737, which already served as a landmark when you arrived.

In the plain building with ridge turret, there are still pews from the first church, built in 1588, which was swept away by a heavy storm.

Walking along in the beach forest, on the dunes and the steep coast, you can feel why Hornbæk attracted a number of famous Danish artists at the turn of the century. The view over the Øresund and the white beaches inspired Viggo Johansen, Krøyer and Carl Locher to artistic creation. They travelled from Copenhagen in early summer and stayed with the fishermen, whose everyday life became one of the central themes of their art.

No recognition was earned in Denmark by the artist Rudolf Tegner (1873-1950), whose sculptural works are exhibited four kilometres west of Hornbæk, between Villingebæk and Villingerød. The muscular figures on display in Tegner's museum, on the other hand, attracted the interest of the French, who honoured him in Paris around 1931.

The memorial anchor in Hornbæk harbour commemorates a drama that took place on 19 November 1774 and cost the lives of six British sailors. A hurricane grounded the ship "Nelly and IsabeIl" off Hornbæk that day and the crew had to abandon the leaky sailor. With an open fishing boat the Hornbæk fishermen, who had observed the events from the beach, tried to rescue the men. When they reached the ship, they managed to pull the captain on board. His sailors had already drowned in the tide.

Marina Information

Max Depth 2.5 m


Phone +45 2681 0189
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Website http://www.hornbaekhavn.dk












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der shop ist eine richtige schoene Butik, das Preis / Leistungsverhaeltnis ist angemessen. sehr gute Qualitaet zu moderaten Preisen. Der Schiffsausruester hat alles, was man benoetigt
06.09.2023 20:42
Ralf, Maimiti
Einen Schiffsaurüster gibt es im Hafen NICHT! Der Shop, der sich so nennt ist eine reine Boutique für sehr gut betuchte Gäste. Ansonsten bietet der Hafen eigentlich alles. Für die einzige Waschmaschine muss man im Kiosk Coins kaufen.
04.08.2023 08:44

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