Neustadt - Stadthafen

Marina near Neustadt in Holstein

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54° 6’ 0.3” N


10° 48’ 49.6” E


Long stretched harbor along the bay. The city harbor offers berths on the east side and west side of the bay with a commercial and naval port and several marinas. 

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The approach to Neustadt harbor is unproblematic day and night. The large transmission masts of the Federal Police are excellent landmarks. From the buoy Neustadt 1 (Q.G) a well buoyed fairway (at night leading light 2 Oc.4s.) leads to the harbor entrance. Here, especially in the northern part - depending on wind direction - can be light current.


The city harbor offers numerous guest berths on the pontoons in the eastern harbor (3 - 4m) after consultation with the harbormaster

Large yachts can moor after consultation with the harbormaster's office before the road bridge on the east bank. One is centrally located, but it is quite noisy due to traffic.

The harbor facilities of the Navy and the Federal Police may not be used. There are enough other guest places.


The small town provides all utilities. Shipyards perform repairs and fuel is available at the Ancora shipyard bunker station.

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Although a fire destroyed large parts of Neustadt in 1872, the town of 15,000 inhabitants still has beautiful corners with old buildings. These include the Kremper Tor with its stepped gable in Kremper Weg, the market at the town hall built in 1819 in the classicist style and the old granary near the bridge on the Neustädter Binnensee. In the so-called pagoda granary, grain was not only stored, but also dried. Many small hatches were used for drying. The Kremper Tor, the only preserved medieval town gate in East Holstein, houses the Ostholstein Museum. The main topics are geology and the prehistory and early history of Ostholstein. In addition, the workshop of a turner was completely reconstructed.

The shipbuilding has a tradition in Neustadt. In the mid-17th century, one of the largest ships of its time was built here, the Frederik III, which took 500 crew and was equipped with 100 cannons. Even at the beginning of the last century, 30 large sailing ships were moored in the commercial port.

The round marina of the Neustadt Sailing Club, attractively situated in a reed belt on the eastern bank of the harbor entrance, unfortunately offers little space for guests. If necessary, one will have to cross over to the unadorned Ancora shipyard on the west side, where the Kunja shipyard also has its moorings. Before that, however, there is still the possibility of getting hold of a place in the city harbor, which is particularly conveniently located in relation to the center.

From the marina of the Neustadt sailing club, a hiking trail extends north along the coast to the Pelzerhaken seaside resort, which has a 40,000 m² nudist beach. At the edge of the path (after one kilometer) a memorial reminds of the tragic sinking of the "Cap Arcona", which cost the lives of more than 7000 people on May 3, 1945: Shortly before the end of the war the National Socialists had the concentration camp Neuengamme cleared and the tortured, sick and dying 8000 concentration camp prisoners crammed into four ships. In addition to these passenger liners, the remnants of the Dönitz Navy were also moored in Neustädter Bucht, seeking protection here from the advancing Allies. "Cap Arcona" and "Thielbeck" also flew the flag of the German Reich and could therefore not be identified as prisoner transports by the British attacking at 2 p.m. on May 3. The steamers were sunk by the bombers in a matter of minutes. Only a few hundred survived the inferno.

A huge amusement park, four kilometers south of Neustadt, offers amusement with its numerous amusement facilities and circus shows.

There is a ship chandlery at the fishing and trading port.


There is a ship chandlery at the fishing and trading port.

The ship chandlery is located at the fishing and trading port.

Marina Information

Max Depth 5.5 m
Berth Width 20 m
Berth Length 120 m


Phone +49 151 171 359 55
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Heinz-Juergen Hoevel, Magica
Steganlage ist in gutem Zustand, Hafenmeister sympathisch, Ideal für einen gelungenen Abschluss eines Segeltages
19.07.2021 19:42
Raoul, Mootje
Anleger direkt vor'm Klüvers...verkehrstechnisch geht es ruhiger, aber alles in allem perfekt vor der Brücke
05.07.2021 21:01
Winfried, Chaval
01.07.2021 06:13
Rainer W., Aquamarin II
Für den Gastlieger ist die Kaje direkt beim Cafe Waterkant der ideale Platz. Ein sehr sauberer Sanitärbereich befindet sich direkt um die Ecke, und mit dem Dreieck Klüver, Krabbe, Waterkant hat hat man alles, was man zum gut Leben braucht ....
14.11.2020 18:24

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