Marina near Lübeck (Karlshof / Israelsdorf / Gothmund)

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53° 54’ 27.2” N


10° 45’ 10” E


The private fishing port of Gothmund is mentioned here only in passing. Since the cutters and fishing boats moor at the foot of the private properties on the front yard, there are no places for guests.

But immediately east of the harbor is a small jetty with 2.2m water depth at the head. By arrangement with the owner of the inn, it is possible to moor here for a couple of hours.


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Only a few hours you can moor here at the jetty of the inn "Fischerklause" (by arrangement). The private, small fishing harbour at the waterfront properties is closed for yachts. The old fishing village was considered the most beautiful far and wide until a major fire destroyed almost half of the houses. The new houses built after that are not nearly as attractively built as the old ones. But even the old buildings have lost some of their beauty due to modern building materials. The fishermen's settlement has nevertheless its charm, if one directs his attention to the original Gothmund thatched roof houses.

In the settlement, which has been documented since 1502, 22 master fishermen worked in 1795. Only one son was allowed to take over his father's trade and become a master fisherman like him.

The idyllic spot hardly ever had more than 100 inhabitants in its history. The accumulation of certain surnames proves that they closed themselves off from the outside world. In addition, the Gothmunders set themselves apart from other village communities with their own fishing regulations, their own traditional costumes and their unconventionally built houses. Under the thatched roofs of their houses, which overhung on one side, they placed their fishing gear. The hallway was a living room, workroom and kitchen at the same time. "Ünnern Dack" was the name they gave to the arbour above the front door. If you want to know more about the interesting past of this pretty fishing village, it is best to contact the Vaterständische Vereinigung Lübeck, which has dedicated an issue of its cultural-historical magazine to the history of Gothmund. The magazine is also available in the Gothmunder Fischerklause.

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