Schießzeiten & Signale Warngebiet Todendorf/Putlos


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54° 23’ 42” N


10° 52’ 46.8” E


Valid from 25.05.2023
Valid until 30.06.2023



In the period from 01 to 16.06.2023, the NATO manoeuvre BALTOPS will take place in the Hohwachter Bucht. As part of this exercise, practice sea mines will be deployed in the warning areas Putlos and Todendorf and in the danger area Hohwachter Bucht from Friday, 02.06.2023 1800 LOC.

In calendar weeks 23 and 24, the warning areas will remain continuously activated except for the weekends.


Shooting times Todendorf/Putlos
Day Putlos Todendorf
25.05. 0900-1700h 0900-1700h
26.05. none 0900-1230h
27.-29.05. none none
30.05. 0900-1700h 0900-1700h
31.05. 1300-0030h 0900-1700h
01.06. 1300-1630h 0900-1700h
02.-04.06. none none
05.06. 0800-2400h 0800-2400h
06.-08.06. 0800-2400h 0800-2400h
09.06. 0000-1800h 0000-1800h


Signals at the Todendorf and Putlos signal mast:
kolorid_r Fl.Y. Warning for Todendorf
kolorid_r Fl.R. Warning for Putlos
kolorid_r_w Al.Fl.YR. Warning for Todendorf and Putlos


 For Putlos and Todendorf the following shooting hours apply for the month of June 2023:

From 05.06.2023-18.06.2023 the following times apply:

  • Monday to Thursday continuous 0800 - 2400h
  • Friday 0000 - 1800h

From 19.06.2023-30.06.2023 the following times apply:

  • Monday to Thursday 0900 - 1700h
  • Friday 0900 - 1230h
  • additionally Wednesday and Thursday until 2330h

The shooting times are without guarantee. The weekly registrations are decisive.

(s. o.) 


Situation report on danger areas and firing times:
"Todendorf Naval" VHF channel 11

Mon-Fri at 07:30, 11:00 and 15:30,
in exceptional cases also Sat 07:30 and 11:00.

Announcement of the situation report 5 minutes beforehand on channel 16. Detailed information is provided by the security vehicles.

The shooting times refer to the areas Putlos and Todendorf, which overlap quite a bit in the middle. In some cases, shooting is not carried out in both areas, but only in one area. The exact extent can be found on the nautical chart NV Series 1 S1A. Todendorf describes the area west of buoy P5 and Putlos the area south-east of buoy P5.


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