Oberflächenströmung im Sund


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55° 27’ 19” N


12° 32’ 55.6” E


The current in the Sound is dependent on the large-scale weather situation over the North and Baltic Seas.

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Southern current:
Strong winds from westerly directions usually cause southerly currents. In the eastern part of the Sound, near Helsingborg and Malmö, strong currents of 3-4 sm/h often occur. Also west of Saltholm, southerly currents of 2sm/h are not uncommon. Especially northwest of Ven and in the Kögebucht, northerly currents run frequently.

Northerly currents:
In calm weather or winds from NNW to east to SSW, northerly currents usually occur, often 3-4 sm/h in strong easterly winds. Usually the current on the west side between Copenhagen and Elsinore runs weaker than on the east side .


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