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Marina near Arnis

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54° 37’ 59.6” N


9° 55’ 48.4” E


The marina of the WSG is located at the entrance to the small idyllic "town" Arnis. 

Hospitable find in all wind directions protected berths at green marked boxes.

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The marina Arnis/Grödersby and the western jetty of M&P can be reached via the buoyed fairway with target depth of 2.1m about 1/4sm north of Arnis.


The marina of the Wassersportgemeinschaft Arnis (WSG) is a large marina at the Noor with 260 berths.

Free berths for guest berths are marked in green.



Arnis has no food supply other than a bakery, but good repair and overhaul facilities (several shipyards in town and sailmaker CO-Sails in Grödersby), as well as several restaurants.

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The founders of today's smallest city in Germany (city rights since 1934) were 64 indomitable families from Kappeln, who in 1666 did not want to become serfs of the landowner of Roest, Detlef von Rumohr. The lord of the manor used brutal force against those who refused to take the oath of allegiance. The Duke of Gottorf saved the day. The sovereign assigned the island of Arnis to the renegades as a place of residence and granted the privileges necessary for shipping and trade. The church built in 1673 was one of the first buildings erected on the island by the Arnissers, who were considered to be particularly pious and God-fearing.

Already 60 years after the founding of the island village, the new settlers were also considered to be particularly wealthy people who - freed from the oppressive constraints of the nobility - had achieved something. Merchant ships that sailed as far as the West Indies brought wealth and prestige to the burgeoning trading center. With only about 800 inhabitants, the merchant fleet numbered about 90 (!) ships around 1850. A veritable forest of masts surrounded the island. But the heyday did not last long. The German-Danish war of 1864 ruined the prosperity, because the Danish sales areas were lost. Therefore, the Prussians, who crossed the Schlei here in 1864 on a pontoon bridge they had built, were not welcome. The emergence of steam navigation meant the final economic fiasco for the village. Many Arnisser emigrated.

Like the Maasholmern, also the Arnisser remained only the sea and inland fishing, however with substantial situation advantages for the Maasholmern. For many years, Arnis was a flourishing shipyard location and benefited in particular from the nearby naval base at Olpenitz. But both are now history. After all, Arnis still has three boatyards today, although only the Mathiesen & Paulsen shipyard is dedicated to traditional boatbuilding and still builds beautiful, classic wooden yachts.

The town, which has a population of around 500, rightly bears the epithet "Pearl on the Schlei". Most of Arnis stretches on both sides of the lime-lined Lange Straße. Unfortunately, the mill of the small town has been demolished. The once typical porches, the oriels or Utluchten are to be seen in the meantime only with few houses.

Never the less Arnis offers a historical townscape closed in itself, which looks for its equals. Storm surges have repeatedly caused trouble for the inhabitants of the flat peninsula. Which extent the floods were, one can imagine, if one regards the high-water mark attached at a house overgrown with ivy in the park road.

What the city came 1934 to its city rights - whether by sign citizen's prank, Köpenickiade or correct administrative act - knows today nobody more so exactly. Although the mayor at the time had worked hard to get Arnis recognized as a town, there is no town charter. Instead of it 1934 are to have been sent by the district administration office without further reason official seals with the designation "city Arnis" to the authorities - and those were naturally diligently used.

Even more peculiar is the history, which let Arnis become the "bath". On a Schleiffahrt should have discovered responsible administrative officials at the bathing beach the sign "bath" and have drawn from it the razor-sharp conclusion that it concerns the place "bath Arnis". With bath however the bathing establishment at the Schlei was meant.

At the beginning of August the festival "music at the Noor" attracts annually many visitors, who spend an atmospheric weekend with nice people and good mood in Arnis with musical background with folk, rock, jazz, blues, Dixiland and swing.

Since the beginning of the 1980s the NV.publishing house developed here in Arnis as a family enterprise to the largest offerer of sport boat maps in Germany. From Lange Straße, our nautical charts went all over Europe to the Mediterranean and to the other side of the Atlantic to the Caribbean or the Bahamas. Since the end of 2012, we have moved our headquarters to more spacious premises in Eckernförde.

Marina Information

Max Depth 2.1 m


Phone +49 46 42 44 21
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Public Transport





Werner, SY Kajsa HR 352
Sehr schöner Hafen, super Sanitäranlagen, freundlicher und hilfsbereiter Hafenmeister. Guter Bäcker im Ort. Alle anderen Versorgungsmöglichkeiten in Kappeln.
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Bernhard Ackermann, Tempus fugit
Liebevoll gepflegt Anlage. Freundlicher Hafenmeister. Freie Benutzung des „Brötchenfahrrades“. Guter Bäcker im Ort.
22.08.2023 14:19
Armin u. Detlef Hoepfner, Folkeboot
Top Hafenmeister
14.07.2022 22:14

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