Marina near Altefähr

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54° 19’ 43.9” N


13° 7’ 17.4” E


Small marina on the Strelasund opposite the Hanseatic city of Stralsund.

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The approach to the harbour is only recommended during daytime because of the unmarked shoal (1.2m) about 150m southwest of the harbour. From buoy 49 you have to steer with 42° directly towards the church of Altefähr, before you can turn north into the harbour entrance.


The harbour is mostly occupied by small boats. Guests will find a berth at the west jetty at 1.5 - 2m water depth. The head of the bulwark must be kept clear for passenger traffic. When the wind is from the SE, there is a swell in the harbour.

Anchoring: South of the Rügen dam, you will find a good anchorage in the Wamper Wiek at a water depth of about 2.3m. However, when approaching, be careful of the stones in front of you. The lagoon-like bay immediately to the south is a former dredging hole. It is popular with locals.


At the harbour there are several restaurants and children can find playing facilities. In addition to a bakery and butcher's shop, there are also shopping facilities for small needs in the village.

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The view of the silhouette of Stralsund is probably the most impressive thing about this berth. The place has seen better days when the Rügen Dam Bridge (1936) was not yet built. With its ferry connection to Stralsund, it was the southern gateway to the island of Rügen for centuries.

Ferry boats were crossing to Stralsund as early as Slavic times. In old documents from the time around 1300, Altefähr is therefore already called "The place by the old ferry".

The boom came with the trajectory and paddle steamers in the period from 1860 to 1890. The rail ferry "Prinz Heinrich" revolutionized the ferry traffic across the Strelasund. In addition to 250 passengers, it carried three railway carriages to Altefähr.

Once again, the gateway to the island gained importance for a few years after the bridge was destroyed by the National Socialists in the last days of the war. Since the bridge was rebuilt, however, the clocks in Altefähr have slowed down again. Only the houses at the harbour, once inns and hotels, still remind us of the time when travellers took a break on the terraces of the cafés in Altefähr. The restored church with an interior worth seeing rises above the village lying on the hill at the harbour, where only a few buildings still bear witness to the village's heyday.

In the immediate vicinity of the harbour is a barrier-free bathing beach with a view of the silhouette of Stralsund as well as good play facilities for the little crew members.

The surroundings of Altefähr have been declared a landscape conservation area. A beautiful hiking route to Rambin in the northeast leads via Poppelvitz, Bessin and Bressen.

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