Marina near Schaprode (Öhe)

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54° 30’ 42.2” N


13° 10’ 0.7” E


Canal-like harbour on the west coast of the island of Rügen on the Hiddensee fairway.

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The approach to Schaprode is only recommended during the day. From the Hiddensee fairway you steer from buoy 27/N2 with 88° to buoy SCH2 of the Schaprode fairway. From here on you should not leave the buoyed fairway (target depth 2.5m). Outside the buoy line there are stones and it is very shallow.

Depending on wind direction and strength, current sets in or out at up to 2 kn.


At the northern entrance to the harbour is the pier for the ferry to Hiddensee. Adjacent to it in eastern direction is a quay, which is partly occupied by water taxis and passenger ships. Guest berths follow to the southeast. The water depth is up to 3m.


Supply facilities are available and a restaurant is located directly at the harbour. Schaprode is not one of the most beautiful harbours, but you can take wonderful walks along the northern shore of the Udarser Wiek, a nature reserve.

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The gardens bordered with field stones and the lovingly laid out flower beds are just as much a trademark of the beautiful ferry village as the church standing in the middle of the village. In contrast to many a church complex on Rügen, Usedom or Fischland-Darß, the Schaproder is a well-kept flagship. The elevated church grounds are also lined by a fieldstone wall, which the village road passes directly by.

Even the Slavs valued Schaprode as a sheltered harbour. Their clinker-built merchant ships lay in the shelter of the small island of Öhe off the coast. In addition, Schaprode served as a kind of outpost for the trading centre of Ralswiek.

The island of Öhe was owned for many centuries by an ancient noble family called Öhe, who are said to have owned the land as early as 1340. Today, only the name of the island, on which only two houses stand, reminds of the old dynasty. The private island is inhabited by the owners, the Schilling family. The other inhabitants are cattle and sheep, which are brought over by animal ferry. In addition to organic farming on the island, the family also runs the inn at the harbour and a farm shop right next door.

Until the 19th century, Schaprode remained a seafaring village known for its wealthy mariners. Large estates belonged to the village. Not least because of this, a regular ferry service from Schaprode to Hiddensee developed early on. Next to the concrete pier of the ferry station in the harbour there is a large car park where many of the passengers park their cars before the crossing. Cars are also parked in Schaprode by residents of the island of Hiddensee, as driving on the island is only permitted with an exceptional permit.

Although Schaprode's church features Romanesque round-arched windows and a cross vault dating from around 1200, much of it dates from the second half of the 15th century. Two tombstone slabs and a 15th-century crucifix, a 17th-century altar and pulpit, and an 18th-century baptismal font can be seen inside.

The Schwedenschanze four kilometres north of Schaprode, on the narrows between Rügen and Hiddensee, makes a good destination for an excursion. This is where Rügen is said to have once been connected to Hiddensee, until a violent hurricane in 1304 finally separated the two islands (though this has not been proven). The Swedish Redoubt was built during the Nordic War to control the entrance to Stralsund at the strait, the so-called trough.

The Udarser Wiek south of the island of Öhe and the village of Schaprode is a nature reserve and closed to pleasure boats.

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