Marina near Sundhagen

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54° 15’ 55.5” N


13° 10’ 46.8” E


Yacht harbour southeast of Stralsund, at the entrance to Lake Devin.

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From Strelasund buoy 26/NE2 a buoyed, unfired fairway leads to the harbour entrance. From 01.04. - 31.10. the buoys are fired with Fl.R.4s and Fl.G.4s respectively. During the winter period the buoys are unlit. Outside the channel there are large stones in some places.


Gast yachts are moored at 2.5 - 3.2 m water depth at floating jettiesin the rear part of the marina.The newly built front basin is reserved for permanent berths. With wind around northeast there sometimes is swell in the harbour.


The services of a modern marina are offered (sailmaker, motor service, at the harbour mini-market incl. bread rolls). Directly west of the harbour there are moorings for multihulls.

At Niederhof lies the Brandshagen waterway rest area. It is suitable for smaller boats with a draught of up to 1.5m.

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Neuhof is an idyllic spot with few houses. The hilly, naturally beautiful surroundings on Lake Devin were once a strategically important point for the Slavs. Of the castle they built on the shore, one kilometre to the west of the village, only the rampart remains. Another rampart and a nature reserve with a colony of cormorants are only two kilometres away as the crow flies. The footpath there is about the same length and leads along the shore of the Sound. With beautiful views it goes past the Niederhöfer jetty, where there is a child-friendly bathing place. Another footpath (a good 5 km stretch) to the area to the east leads in an arc over the inland villages of Middelhagen and Brandshagen.

In 1954, the protected cormorants are said to have settled in Niederhof for the first time. In the meantime, well over 2000 breeding pairs have been counted in the protected estate park. In addition, 300 grey herons have joined them in the meantime. While plants such as wood anemone and lungwort benefit from the nutrient-rich excrement of the cormorants, it causes many of the trees to die. Sitting on the bare branches, the birds apparently do not feel disturbed by observers. A display board at the entrance of the nature reserve provides detailed information about the cormorant colony (see also Stahlbrode).

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Honsa Ehmke, RumSeglerZschornegosda
Heute Frühstücksstop in Neuhof. Herzlichen Dank für die nette Bewirtung.
03.04.2023 16:06
Mark Wunder , Liaison
Ruhige und freundliche Marina mit umfassenden Servicemöglichkeiten. Alles funktioniert einwandfrei, die Duschen sind allerdings recht klein und in die Jahre gekommen. Bei Nord-Nordostwind recht starke Strömung direkt auf der Hafeneinfahrt.
20.06.2021 16:38
Nick Deinhardt , Bluebell too
Wunderbarer Hafen mit super Fisch Imbiss.
30.07.2020 19:35

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