Marina near Guldborg

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54° 52’ 15.2” N


11° 44’ 46.6” E


Ports at the northern exit of the Guldborg Sound.

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The approach is directly from the unlit but buoyed fairway of the Guldborgsund and is only recommended during the day. In strong winds, the current can be up to 4 knots. To enter Guldborgsund from the north, you pass the bascule bridge (clearance closed 4m). The bridge is opened on demand during the season (1.4. - 31.10.) from 08:00 - 20:00 (VHF channel 16/ 12).


South of the bascule bridge there are various berths. On the west shore (Lolland) in the well-maintained marina (2.5m) or at the head of the bulwark (4m water depth).

On the east shore (Falster) short-term mooring at the bulwark (3m water depth) is permitted.

The jetties south of the bulwark with 0.9m to 1.9m water depth are mostly used by local boats.


Because the E4 motorway runs south through the tunnel, the traffic noise is tolerable.

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In fact, the village of Guldborg consists of two small settlements on either side of the Guldborg Sound. The two parts of the village were not connected until the construction of the Guldborgsund Bridge. Before the first cars rolled over the structure in 1934, Guldborg-"East" and Guldborg-"West" were important ferry stations on the way from Lolland via Falster to the island of Zealand.

Immediately south of the already aged bascule bridge are the jetties for pleasure craft on the Lolland and Falster sides. During the busy holiday season, the moorings are therefore not recommended for a longer stay. In any case, the private mooring bridge on the Falster side hardly offers free places, so that primarily the Lolland side is suitable for guests.

Apart from the beautiful location of the village on the green wooded shores, Guldborg is not a particularly appealing village. There are no sights to see, and you will look in vain for a village centre. The houses are lined up along the road that connects Vordingborg and Sakskøbing. The eye-catcher on the Falster side is a large granary. In the small harbour mainly fishing boats are moored and the remains of the old ferry bed serve a pilot boat as berth. The old harbour layout gives an idea that Guldborg has experienced more tranquil times as a ferry town. After all, eastern Guldborg offers a merchant, a cafe and a snack bar.

The long western Guldborg has quite practical advantages with a savings bank, a merchant, a baker, a post office, the "Guldborg Kro" and the petrol station. In addition, excursions into the surrounding countryside of the former ferry town are recommended. On the way to the Storskov forest west of Guldborg (Lolland), for example, you pass blossoming apple orchards in spring and can enjoy the view of rose fields in July. If you walk through the forest to the northwestern headland of Vestermark, you will have a beautiful view of the islands of Femø, Askø and Fejø on a clear day.

Probably the most interesting sight in the area is Majbølle Mill in Majbølle, three kilometres south of Guldborg (Lolland). The large Dutch mill has been lovingly restored by a private miller's guild to approximately what it looked like when it was built in 1896. It was not until 1988 that it was "given" new wings. Since then, it has been possible to see once again how the grain is ground into flour. As early as 1612, windmill blades were turning on this spot.

However, at that time they were the blades of a Bockmühle, which later had to make way for the Holländermühle. From June 15 to September 15, the mill can be visited on Sundays and Saturdays from 2 to 5 p.m.

The Danes consider the Guldborgsund Tunnel, located about five kilometers south of Guldborg, to be a very special technical achievement. It connects the European Road 4 from Rødby to Copenhagen. The 460-meter tunnel tube cost over 200 million Danish kroner. Five years were spent building the major project, which also connects Lolland and Falster twelve meters below the water surface. The tunnel consists of two cast pipes, each 230 metres long, which were lowered into a channel dug across the Guldborgsund. The Guinness Book of Records includes the two tunnel sections, completed in 1987, as the largest cast pipes in the world. Incidentally, the 230-metre-long elements were transported to their destination on ships.

An attraction in the vicinity of Guldborg on Falster is the Tractor Museum in Ekilstrup, located about ten kilometres east of Guldborg.

The museum was founded in 1988 on the initiative of brothers Bent and Knud Nielsen. When they started their farming business in 1952, they found that it was most economical to buy a new tractor every three years. Instead of selling the old ones to scrap dealers, they kept the tractors and had so much fun with their collection that they fell for the idea of buying up other old ones at scrap prices. In 1959, the brothers systematically started collecting tractors, and by the time the collection became a museum, there were already 70 veterans in their barns. Today the museum owns around 120 old agricultural machines from the years 1924 to 1950, all on display in a factory building at Nørregade 17 B. The public can visit the fancy museum from June 20 to August 8, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

After that, the collectibles can be seen from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Mondays through Fridays until September 15.

The supposedly smallest windmill in Denmark can be found on the road from Guldborg (Falster) to Sundby (two kilometers to the east). The "mini mill" stands 50 meters from the road in a field. Unfortunately, it cannot be visited.

Continuing on the road to Sundby and then towards Lundby, you will come across the outlying Stadager Kirke, one of the typical places of worship in the Danish province, four kilometres away. If you don't have the opportunity to visit the small town of Sakskøbing with your yacht, you can use the good bus connections for a detour there (see Sakskøbing).

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Max Depth 4 m


Phone +45 5470 1114













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Jensiejk, Inge Gret
Kleiner Hafen mit wenig Tiefgang. Anlegen im Sund längseits am Schwimmsteg kein Problem. Kleines nettes Lokal mit freundlichem Betreiberpaar, welches auch das Liegegeld kassiert. Duschen und WC OK und sauber, keine weiteren Kosten. (September 22) Supermarkt fußläufig im Dorf. Ruhig und sehr dänisch.
05.04.2023 18:58
Alexander Tiedt, Captn Ahab 2
Kleiner gemütlicher Hafen. Es gibt einen Imbiss mit vernünftigen Preisen. Der Supermarkt ist fußläufig. Kleine Räucherei und einen Spielplatz in der Nähe. Netter Hafenmeister und sehr freundliche Dänen. Super Blick auf den Sund.
29.07.2022 18:35
Jakob Olsen, Nefertiti
Nice little harbour Good cafetetia Supermarked and Petrol nearbye
06.06.2022 21:35
Markus-peschel, MaJu
Süßer kleiner Hafen direkt hinter der Brücke. Toller Spielplatz!
25.07.2020 16:57

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