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54° 24’ 2.2” N


10° 12’ 45.4” E


Fishing and yacht harbours of the busy seaside resort on the south-eastern shore of the Kiel Outer Fjord.

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The naval memorial with its height of 72 m is a landmark visible from afar. The harbour lies about 0.8 nm south of it. Here, the mill and the apartment house serve as landmarks, which may only be approached after passing Labo beach with the red buoy 6 (Fl.R) in the north or Madsensand with the red buoy 8 (Oc(2)R) in the south. At night, coming from the fairway, keep in the white sector towards the harbour light. The harbour entrance to the marinas is lit.


After consultation with the harbour masters.


In the small bathing resort there are all possibilities of the supply.

In the shipyard Laboe, to which the Baltic Bay Marina belongs, one finds the complete service offer of boat building, mechanical engineering up to yacht markings.

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Laboe became known as a seaside resort more than 100 years ago. In the main, it is said to have been wealthy citizens of Kiel who relaxed from city life in tranquil Laboe. The first holidaymakers certainly did not know the tourist hustle and bustle that today dominates the town on the Kiel Fjord during the summer months. At that time, the landmark that attracts thousands of visitors every year did not exist either: it was not until 1936 that the 72-metre-high Naval Memorial was inaugurated. A huge plaque inside the tower, whose shape is reminiscent of a ship's stem, shows the large number of marines who died at sea during the two world wars. Completed during the Nazi era, the structure is now intended to commemorate those who died at sea of all nations and is thus not only  memorial for German fallen.

The memorial is worth the visit, impressive are the name plaques of the fallen submariners, in addition, the top platform of the memorial is an excellent vantage point. From a height of 85 m above the water, the Kiel Fjord, the Probstei, which is considered the granary of Schleswig-Holstein, and the Baltic Sea to the Danish islands can be overlooked. Conversely, the memorial is an excellent landmark for seafaring. The World War II submarine on the beach directly in front of the memorial is considered a "technical museum" and has proven to be a visitor magnet in recent years.

The port of Laboe has remained a lifeline of the village to this day. Every hour, transport ships dock in the commercial harbour, the pilot boats perform their duties from here and the rescue cruiser "Berlin" and the rescue boat "Bottsand" carry out their missions from Laboe harbour. During the Kiel Week Laboe used to be a regular home port for the folkboat sailors. They still sail on the "Foxtrot" course off Wendtorf, but like the other boat classes they have to travel there from Schilksee. However, they still sail from Laboe on the second weekend in June for the "Trudelmauspokal".

Even the heraldic animal of the Baltic resort has something to do with water. It is a swan. A historical parallel to the heraldic animal can easily be drawn. Laboe is said to have been a Slavic fishing village with the name "Lubodne" or "Lyboden"' before it was re-founded around 1226 as a property of the Preetz monastery. The translation of these names is "swan village".

The village was destroyed around 1640 when the Danes and Swedes fought a battle here. Then, like everywhere else, it was the construction of the harbour that brought better times. In 1850 it was built with the support of the church and quickly gained in importance for the transport of agricultural goods as well as a fishing harbour.

The Labo people owe their yacht harbour to the 1972 Sailing Olympics. A reading hall was built on the spa beach. Mineral-rich seawater, pumped from the fjord at a depth of ten metres, is offered by the indoor seawater pool on the beach. The former customs office now houses the harbour master's office. Close to the spa beach, ships of all sizes and nations pass by using the Kiel Canal.

The spa administration invites you to a "discovery tour" on the beach promenade and informs you, among other things, about how the grandparents kept it with the holiday. The old farming village (Oberdorf) is also one of the topics of the discovery tour. The windmill, which can be seen from afar, belongs to a senior citizens' residence, but can be rented for special occasions. You can look into the underwater world of the Baltic Sea at the marine biology station, which is located east of the memorial in the dunes on the beach. Excursions to Kiel, Holtenau, Strande, Schilksee and the other fjord towns can be made with the fjord ships.

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Max Depth 4 m


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Honsa Ehmke, RumSeglerZschornegosda
Anlegen Steg D und direkt ins italienische Restaurant. Morgens Brötchen beim Hafenmeister, perfekt.
21.08.2022 12:42
Sayeed Klewitz, Lucky
Schöner Hafen, Fingerstege, sehr gute Sanitäranlagen, freundlicher Hafenmeister. Zum Ort ca. 10 Min. Die Liegeplatznummern sind vom Wasser aus nicht zu sehen.
18.05.2022 21:16
Christian Bonnecke , Mausi
Prima Hafen, gut organisiert. Toilettenschlüssel im Restaurant wenn der Hafenmeister nicht vor Ort ist, Brötchen gibts Morgens beim Hafenmeister. Schwimmstege mit Auslegern, Wasser und Strom am Liegeplatz.
04.09.2021 20:36
Jan, Pahladin
Der Hafen ist aufgrund seiner Lage natürlich beliebt, weshalb man zeitig eintreffen sollte, um noch einen freien Platz zu ergattern. Diese sind aber klar grün beschildert. Hafenmeister sind sehr nett und hilfsbereit, die Toiletten und Duschen sauber, der Brötchen Service auch super. Wir kommen gerne wieder.
24.07.2021 20:58
Gerhard Joachim Frhr. von Plotho , Grautvornix
Ein sehr Gastunfreundlicher Hafen, alle freien Plätze sind rot😳 Auf meine Frage ob es hier frei Plätze gäbe, sagte man mir das dies zu Aufwendig ist!!! Deshalb solle man besser in den Nachbarhafen gehen🤔 Na dann....
22.07.2020 12:05
Thilo, Nirvana
02.07.2020 06:40

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