Eider, Ausseneider - Änderung der Schifffahrtszeichen/ Change of buoyage


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54° 15’ 25.2” N


8° 29’ 16.4” E


Valid from 09.07.2024
Valid until 20.08.2024

The following fairway buoys were relocated:
Eider approach light buoy
to 54°15.420'N 008°29.274'E
Eider 1/3 point light buoy
to 54°15.319'N 008°30.300'E
Eider 2/4 point light buoy
to 54°15.503'N 008°30.289'E
G-spike buoy Eider 5
to 54°15.333'N 008°31.333'E
R-spike buoy Eider 6
to 54°15.512'N 008°31.326'E

Shipping is requested to pay attention.


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