Elbe, Wedel-Schulau - Sperrgebiet/ Restricted area

Navinfo near Wedel (Schulau West)

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53° 34’ 5.8” N


9° 41’ 41.6” E


Valid from 01.04.2023
Valid until 14.04.2023

From 01.04.2023 to vsl. 14.04.2023 off the lido in Wedel-Schulau between the pier from the Schulauer harbor and the eastern groyne before the barrel port Wedel a restricted area is established.
In the restricted area is a flushing pipeline over which the dredged material from the suction dredger "Amazone" is flushed ashore.

The coupling point is located outside the fairway as well as outside the restricted area and is moved after each flushing process by a security vehicle back into the restricted area.

The restricted area may only be driven by construction vehicles.

The shipping is asked to pay attention.


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